Not sure what to do? Here are some links to videos that explain common laboratory techniques.

How to Use a Pipetman

How to Read Volume on a Pipetman

Estimating the Volume in a Pipet Tip

Streaking Bacteria for a Single Colony

Using the Autoclave

Sterile Technique - Tissue Culture in the Hood

Pouring and Running an Agarose Gel

Counting Cells on the Hemocytometer

Counting Cells on the Hemocytometer (Video)

Estimating Bacterial Densities Using Serial Dilution

JoVE Science Education: General Laboratory Techniques

Note: These videos and webpages are meant to provide a general overview only. Please be sure to check with a member of the lab for details on how to carry out these procedures in our lab specifically, or check the Protocols binder in the laboratory.